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Set contains:

1. Carrycat

- soft cotton lining inside

-mattress trimmed with cotton

-possibility to mount the gondola in both directions

-a foldable doghouse with a carrying handle

- a window in the booth

- raincover and mosquito net

- top cover


2. Walking tour

-adjustable backrest and footrest

- five-point seat belts

-a fold-out booth

-footrest and railing

-possibility to mount in both directions

- leg cover


3. The frame

-frame made of steel

- foam bearing wheels

- swivel front wheels with straight-ahead lock

- adjustable handle trimmed with eco-leather

-simple folding mechanism


Wheelchair Information:

The stroller is made of the highest quality materials that meet all the requirements for materials for the production of prams.


Technical data:

Weight of the frame without wheels 8 kg (with wheels 10 kg)

Weight of the gondola 4 kg

Stroller weight 4 kg

Seat weight 3 kg

Dimensions of the folded stroller without wheels 96x59x39 cm (with wheels 103x62x47 cm)

Handle height 80-118 cm

Height of the trolley from the ground to the hut 110 cm

Dondola length 78 cm

The width of the gondola is 42 cm

Stroller length 90 cm

Stroller width 33 cm


Front wheels: 10 inches

12 inch rear wheels

HUBI multifunctional stroller, 2in1 designs

  • Hubi is an economical and stable stroller for children. Due to its dimensions, this model is recommended for parents of medium and short stature. Hubi is very easy to use, but functional at the same time. The gondola and the stroller can be attached to the frame of the stroller in front or back to the direction of travel, which gives the parent full control over the child traveling in the stroller.

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