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Sleeping bags

A sleeping bag for a stroller is a great product thanks to which we will keep your child warm on cool autumn and spring days and in winter. We can easily place it in any trolley model. The stroller sleeping bag will give your child the perfect wrap and warmth they need.
Our stroller sleeping bags are also waterproof, so we do not have to worry. The product will work not only for the youngest who ride in the gondola, but also for larger children while strolling. The winter sleeping bag for the stroller has cut holes for the seat belts, which will guarantee 100% fit and comfort. However, this is not the end of the advantages! The top of the sleeping bag for the stroller has 2 snaps, which when fastened will create a soft and cozy hood for the baby.
Top quality sleeping bags
The sleeping bag for a stroller is double-sided - made of high-quality cotton with eye-catching patterns. The second material used is the fabulously soft minky plush, which warms up wonderfully on cold days. The multitude of patterns and colors for girls and boys will make every mother find the dream stroller bag for her child. The sleeping bags for the stroller are filled with anti-allergic and soft fluff and silicone balls that keep you warm even when temperatures drop below zero. Between the aforementioned non-woven fabric and cotton, we sew a special waterproof fabric that will ensure that the child is always dry.
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