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Wolf sleeping bag

WILK type sleeping bags are an excellent choice for parents who value comfort, the comfort of their child, during autumn and winter walks.

Our sleeping bags fit all types of prams, car seats, and are also perfect for sleds.

The outer layer of our sleeping bag is made of waterproof stroller fabric in 10 fashionable colors , with all the necessary approvals and certificates, the sleeping bag is filled with an anti-allergic undersuit , the inner layer is a soft and cozy fleece.

The sleeping bag has two zippers on the sides for easy opening.

Holes for five-point safety belts, strings and pegs that allow you to adjust it to a stroller, car seat or sledge.

The upper part of our sleeping bag is trimmed with a nice artificial fur, which can be easily removed with a zipper.


Sleeping bag dimensions: Weight 400 g, Length 105 cm, Width 40 cm

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